Diamond Nail Files for Pets

Pet care.

It’s never easy to file the claws of your pet. Whether you’re the happy owner of a dog, cat, rodent, parrot or parakeet, filing claws is a difficult procedure, often resulting in injuries. We’ve perfected a nail file specially designed for the care and grooming of your pet!

The Sacha™ diamond claws file (medium size) for animals is a unique nail file for animals, created primarily for dogs, cats, miniature pigs, rabbits, birds. An elegant-looking premium product, this diamond grit file boasts a flexible fiberglass base for optimum ergonomics. The Sacha™ file offers increased durability, as well as a level of filing performance never before seen in the market. The Sacha™ nail file represents a revolution in animal grooming!

How to use the Sacha™ nail file for pets.

It’s important to choose a quiet, comfortable, well-lit setting in which to file the nails of your animal. Find a position that’s comfortable both for you and your pet.

For birds, it’s best to wrap them in a towel with their feet exposed, let them grasp your finger on their own, and then use your thumb to lift each individual nail. You can use the small size Mini Sacha.

For cats and dogs, grasp the paw firmly but gently. In the case of cats, gently press on pad of the paw to make the claw come out. Exert light pressure on the claw to file it to the desired length.

To prevent injury to your pet, be very careful not to file down to the quick (the pink part that supplies blood to the nail). When you’ve finished, clean your Sacha™ diamond nail file with soapy water and allow it to dry completely before putting it away. Don’t forget about positive reinforcement! Reward your animal after each filing session. With the Sacha™ diamond nail file, it’s as simple as that!